Church Army Africa – How we connected

Church Army Africa: How we connected

CAA1My connections with Church Army Africa began in 2006. Christ Church in Herne Bay UK became directly connected with the Church Army Academy in Nairobi Kenya. The ever expanding Academy had been looking to raise funds to purchase a new school bus to transport the children safely to and from school. Members of staff from the Academy, Christ Church members and two other close friends became a team who would attempt to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and raise funds for the bus. I was proud to be a part of the team.

After the Kilimanjaro trip I always knew i would return to Nairobi as soon as possible to help the Academy and the Church Army Africa Organisation as far as I could. All I needed to do was to be patient and wait for “the right time” As 2009 drew to a close i knew it was time to be in Africa, I had personally saved enough funds to cover a month long visit, my Family, friends, loved ones and Christ Church were all in full support, the timing was now right.

I spent the whole of January 2010 in Nairobi, Kenya at the Jogoo Road Headquarters of Church Army Africa. I carried out renovation works to two classrooms at the Academy. During the visit I spent some of the time with the good people of Church Army Africa looking into further projects that I could become involved with. Everything about my partnership with Church Army Africa can be found within this website so please enjoy looking through the information.

I can honestly say it is an absolute pleasure to be involved with Church Army Africa an organisation of wonderful people with a true passion for life. Please take time to visit their website Church Army Africa you may find ways to become involved yourself.
As for myself the Church Army Motto says it all………….

“Positively Transforming Society Throughout Africa”

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